Client case study

Stefano Pacella approached Bradfield Consulting Ltd with a number of issues in his organisation, mostly related to Employee Relations, and specifically to Performance Management, long term sickness, unauthorised absence and internal processes to be put in place, such as job descriptions and policies and procedures.

Bradfield placed an HR Consultant to look after their employees and resolve those matters.

The first step which was taken was to introduce Bradfield to the senior management team and listen to the issues they had in each division.

Secondly, line managers were coached on conducting difficult meetings and how to improve management of day to day HR issues. New Terms and Conditions of Employment and a new Offer Letter template were issued by the HR Consultant for new joiners. Also we issued thorough and comprehensive forms, such as a Return to Work Form with a guide for line managers, a Performance Improvement Plan, and a Supervision Form (also called One to One Form). Monthly review meetings between line managers and their direct reports were initiated.

The HR met with line managers to ensure legal compliance, and is in the process of reviewing the staff handbook and policies according to best practice and current employment law.

The company have begun to encourage and actively listen to employee’s views and this has helped them to improve the current working environment culture. They are now planning to issue an Engagement Survey.

There are a few challenges involved, such as resistance to change to new policies and procedures from staff and requirements to train senior members of staff in relation to HR procedures, but they are gradually being overcome.

The contract with Bradfield Group stated in January 2017, and we have definitely seen a dramatic decrease in Employee Relations issues,  unauthorised absence and long term sickness and a general improvement in performance.

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