Have you got a difficult employee in your company?

Here is some expert advice on how to manage this issue

What we mean by ‘difficult employee’?

A ‘difficult employee’ is a person that has unacceptable behaviour and can generate an uncomfortable environment at the workplace. It could be performance related and undeliberate or deliberate.

Some people are easy to manage and others are trickier. Difficult behaviour can be caused by a variety of reasons:

The small majority of employees that are moody, easily distracted, talkative, aggressive and don’t tell the truth will hold your business back and your company will be less productive.

It is important not to ignore the situation and to take action as soon as possible in order to have and maintain an effective working environment.

Managing others can be difficult here are some top tips to help.

  • As you are going to work with the same people in the future it is essential to not avoid the conflicts and try to find a constructive solution. Focus on the behaviour, not the person.
  • What are the values of your company? They can very often set the tone for the culture of an organisation. Post them on your social media, intranet or reception. It is a way to reinforce their importance and continually communicate them to your employees.
  • Review your handbook and disciplinary process. Don’t you have one? We can help you with that! Contact us here.
  • Make an Employee Climate Surveys, where employees can submit anonymously via web. This can provide a picture of your organisation’s needs, taking employee opinions on a variety of issues.
  • If you need to meet with someone individually to address negative behaviour, stay calm and positive. Ask open ended questions that can’t be answered just with a yes or no. Give them the chance to talk and to be listened to their concerns. Set clear expectations going forward and put these in writing so that there is no misunderstanding.


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