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Date: Thursday 22nd October 2015

We’ve scanned all the recent legislative changes to bring you a round up of all the changes to HR legislation that may affect you and your organisation.

National Minimum Wage (NMW)
From October 1st the NMW is as follows for workers:

–  Standard rate (workers aged 21 and over) – £6.70 per hour
–  Youth development rate (workers aged 18 – 20) – £5.30 per hour
–  Young workers rate (workers under 18 who are not apprentices) – £3.87 per hour
–  Apprentices rate (under 19 or over 19 in their first year of the apprenticeship) – £3.30 per hour

Tribunals lose powers
Employment tribunals will no longer be able to make recommendations for anyone other than claimants in a discrimination claim. However the power of recommendation has rarely been used.

Shared Grandparental Leave
Next year the Government will launch a consultation into extending Shared Parental Leave (SPL) and pay to working grandparents. It is expected to become made into law by 2018.

The uptake of SPL has been low but with the proposed extension to grandparents, it is expected that there may be an increase.

According to the government more than half of mothers rely on grandparents for childcare when returning to work following maternity leave. A staggering 60% of working grandparents with grandchildren under 16 help with childcare.

The legislation could affect the seven million grandparents who are involved in childcare.

The Government press release

HR professionals enjoy a work-life balance
HR has been listed twice in the top ten professions providing a work life balance, according to a survey by Glassdoor. HR managers and HR specialists both had high satisfaction levels when it came to flexible working arrangements.

There were 20 top professions listed with each career having to complete a minimum of 20 individual reviews to be assessed.

  1. Web developer: 4.1 (£28,000)
  2. Commercial manager: 4.0 (£45,000)
  3. Research assistant: 4.0 (£26,500)
  4. Senior business analyst: 3.8 (£48,000)
  5. Product manager: 3.8 (£49,500)
  6. Marketing executive: 3.8 (£25,000)
  7. HR manager: 3.8 (£45,000)
  8. HR specialist: 3.8 (£43,500)
  9. Research associate: 3.8 (£32,000)
  10. Marketing manager: 3.8 (£40,000)

The complete Glassdoor survey

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