Is Your Workplace Ready For The World Cup?

World Cup fever has taken over workplaces around the world, yours is no exception.

The World Cup can have a real impact on company productivity, you will need to have agreements in place before it starts. In the 2010 World Cup, it’s estimated that UK productivity suffered to the tune of £7.2 billion. It is a scary number, but be positive, you can take this opportunity to motivate your employees!

 motivated employees at the workplace


Here are our suggestions:

  • Use of Social Media and Sites

Many employees might want to watch football matches during work time so they will use internet to do it. You should review your internet policy and set clear rules as it may have an impact on your IT systems.


  • Giving time off for more results-oriented work and monitoring sick leave

Employees might want to watch their favourite teams with their friends and family. It you have flexible work during the World Cup games you should be able to generate engagement with your employees as this can avoid an authorised sick leave. You will need to ensure that you deal with these fairly. You could choose to operate a “first come, first served” system for annual leave requests during this period, but you must make this clear to employees, as soon as possible.


  • Avoid Discrimination

Never assume that only male employees will be watching the football – many females also enjoy watching the World Cup. You may also have a mixed workforce with multiple nationalities so don’t assume that your employees will only be interested in watching the England matches. There are national rivalries, which could lead to offensive comments between employees. In this case, you should remind your employees about your company harassment policy.


  • World Cup Activities during this period of time

You can run a pool and different activities to motivate your employees. For example if you have a multinational company, you can have lunches on Friday to show they different typical meals from each country.


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