The Detriments of Handling HR Solo

What Happens in HR?

A Human Resources Professional must wear many hats in their line of employment. HR is a varied role that includes hiring and dismissing employees, ensuring procedures are compliant, administrating the payroll and benefit schemes and ensuring your workface remain motivated and happy.

Attracting new talent involves reviewing applications, interviewing potential candidates and performing various checks to ensure they are a perfect fit for your organisation. To keep retention rates high, new business incentives must be developed regularly. If an employee is proving detrimental to your business, the dismissal process must be done properly to avoid the risk of a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Ensuring corporate compliance involves continued collaboration across various departments and rigorous testing of any business practices. All security measures across the office must be evaluated on a regular business.

Employee benefits and compensation schemes are designed to reward employees for their hard work.  Benefit schemes which are flexible must be constantly developed to ensure they accurately meet employees needs and give you the edge over competitors.

The Challenges of Handling HR Solo

HR is a multifaceted department that is vital to the smooth running of a business, but some companies make the decision to go it alone. Handling HR solo can create some significant challenges; we have listed these below.

Expense is a major factor that limits companies when it comes to Human Resources. Particularly for small organisations, sustaining an efficient HR team can be costly and cause many businesses to not employ HR professionals. However, if a company is in a period of rapid growth, hiring new staff can bring new issues that you may never have encountered before, and without a HR functionality, companies risk far greater financial implications if anything goes wrong.

Underqualified professionals are another challenge of handling HR solo lies in giving responsibility to those who are not properly equipped to handle employee queries. As HR involves handling matters of a potentially sensitive nature, it is vital you employ the right people for the job. There are several qualifications that are important in the world of HR, from entry level up to MCIPD, if the individual covering the HR duties is not properly qualified for the role, it could result in serious repercussions for your business.

Time constraints are another significant problem in handling your HR alone. A lot of HR duties are administrative and involve high levels of paperwork. Chloe B, a HR professional from London, states “HR paperwork significantly eats into my work week…there’s always something or other that needs checking over.” If you own a business, picking up a lot of administrational tasks could quickly cut into time that could be more valuably spent elsewhere. Thus, those who manage HR themselves can often neglect important paperwork, which could result in malpractice.

The UK workforce is constantly changing; most millennials expect to stay in a job for less than three years and ‘job hopping’ has become much more frequent. In previous generations, employees would take a job for life, but this mentality is increasingly fading out. A good HR professional will have a strong awareness of the changing tides of the British workforce and will be able to hire only employees who will be advantageous to the company.

A New Approach to HR

We have established several problems in handling human resources alone, but this does not necessarily mean small businesses should employ a full in-house HR team.

Bradfield offer outsourced HR solutions which could save you significant time and money. They can upskill your existing onsite HR team with their expertise and significant industry experience which results in improved efficiency and cut costs. While your HR team will then become Bradfield employees, they remain on-site so your workforce can benefit from the same familiar faces they are used to.

Alternatively, companies who do not have the funds to employ a HR team can utilise the services of Bradfield’s HR professionals on either a full or part time-basis. Bradfield select the right professional for your team based on their skills, experience, knowledge and team fit.

If you would prefer your HR functionality to remain in house, you have a duty of care to ensure your team are always professional and highly knowledgeable. Bradfield offer a range of software, training courses and consultation services to ensure your HR department always remains on top of their game.


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