What is HR outsourcing?

You might already be familiar with the term ‘outsourcing’ in terms of  IT or facilities management, but you may not think to outsource your HR function.  We provide a service whereby we take care of some or all of your HR needs depending on your exact requirements ensuring your business is compliant and up to date with employment law and legislation.  This service prevents you from having to navigate your way through some tricky HR situations and leaves it in the hands of the experts so you can concentrate on growing your business.

What is Onsite HR?

Onsite HR is a unique concept to Bradfield.  Lots of outsourcing companies will handle the function being outsourced (IT, Facilities Management, even HR) off site.  We like to work onsite with our clients so we gain an understanding of your culture and how your business operates.  Being onsite means that we are visibly present to the rest of the business whether that is on a full time or part time basis and reinforces that there is someone there dedicated to looking after that function.  Being onsite allows our Advisors to immerse themselves in the organisation, really getting to know how it operates and what works well as well as what doesn’t.

What are the benefits of outsourcing my HR?

The benefits of choosing to outsource your HR can be numerous.  Often it is cheaper to outsource your HR function than employing a full time HR Manager as you can gain the same or a better level of expertise from an experienced HR Advisor working with you on a part-time basis only.  You also have the opportunity to access the wider Bradfield HR team which comprises our Managing Director as well as our Head of HR Consultancy who are on hand to ensure you are happy with the level and quality of service you are receiving.  They are also there as a sounding board and to give more strategic input where and when necessary.  We ensure you remain legally compliant and up to date on changes to legislation or employment law and put those changes into practice swiftly.  We also cover the cost of our Advisor’s membership to the CIPD (Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development) and continual professional development to ensure they have the most up to date examples of HR best practice.

How do you work out what the best plan is for us?

In the first instance we like to meet with you.  That way we get a sense of your business, your culture and your growth plans.  We spend time getting to know the areas in which you may be experiencing difficulties so that we get an overall picture of how best our Advisors are able to help you as well as understanding what sort of level of Advisor you require at a particular stage in your business.  We have a range of different businesses we work with at different stages in their journey.  Some may need help putting in place policies and HR documents.  Others may need more strategic input or advice on managing absence or performance management.  We also find that a large number of businesses do not exactly know what they need until we dig deep with them to understand where the crux of the problems are.  From there we will suggest the level of HR Advisor(s) required as well as the recommended number of days they would need to be on site for per week.

How many HR Advisors do we need and how often?

This will vary from business to business and is scoped out during our initial conversations with you based on a number of things.  These include; which areas you need help with, how much input is required from an Advisor (at a strategic or administrative level or both) and what your budget is.  From there we will suggest the number of Advisors and how many days would be sufficient to achieve your goals.  This of course is flexible and can be upscaled and downsized as and when required.

How do you pick the HR Advisor to work with our business?

From meeting with you we will get a sense of the culture of your business and will select the relevant HR Advisor who we think will work best with you and your staff.  It is all based on culture fit to enable a seamless integration into the business and so that everyone is on the same page from the off.  Of course, this is regularly revisited to smooth out any potential teething problems or if necessary to swap out the Advisor for another more suitable option.

What does CIPD accredited mean?

CIPD stands for the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and is the accredited body for the HR industry.  All of our HR Advisors are HR accredited at a minimum of Associate Level.  This helps to ensure that they remain up to date with best practice, so that you get the most current advice and updates on legislation and employment law.  It is important that all HR staff have or are working towards becoming CIPD accredited to show their commitment to the industry as well as reinforcing and keeping their knowledge current.


I’m worried that using an external company means that we lose confidentiality. How do you ensure our business remains our business?

It is a common myth that because you are outsourcing your HR you will lose all confidentiality relating to people issues.  And that is a perfectly normal reaction particularly as your people are your biggest asset.  However, due to the nature of HR, we ensure that our HR Advisors are impartial and confidential, ensuring that they only speak with you regarding any potential issues or problems.  Sometimes when HR forms a part of one or more of your internal staff’s role that is where the break down in confidentiality can occur.  Our HR Advisors can be trusted to make sure that anything that is brought forward by either management or other staff internally is treated in a confidential manner.

Are we tied in to a contract for a certain amount of time?

Generally our contracts run for 12 months at a time.  But after the first three months, if you do not feel that HR outsourcing is for you or your circumstances change then the agreement can be terminated with one month’s notice.

How much do you charge?

This is based largely on your requirements, the number of days an Advisor is required for, the level of the HR Advisor needed and whether multiple Advisors are required.  This can of course be upscaled or decreased as and when necessary.

Need more information?

Feel free to contact us or check out our FAQ page