How do you work out what the best plan is for us?

In the first instance we like to meet with you.  That way we get a sense of your business, your culture and your growth plans.  We spend time getting to know the areas in which you may be experiencing difficulties so that we get an overall picture of how best our Advisors are able to help you as well as understanding what sort of level of Advisor you require at a particular stage in your business.  We have a range of different businesses we work with at different stages in their journey.  Some may need help putting in place policies and HR documents.  Others may need more strategic input or advice on managing absence or performance management.  We also find that a large number of businesses do not exactly know what they need until we dig deep with them to understand where the crux of the problems are.  From there we will suggest the level of HR Advisor(s) required as well as the recommended number of days they would need to be on site for per week.

Need more information?

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